lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

ScrewAttack Magazine Issue #09 - 1 Year Later (Annivesary Edition)


Anniversary Edition
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The evolution of the magazine, this was the First Issue of the ScrewAttack Magazine... It's a Collectors editon! Don't Miss it!
Artist Featured in this magazine:

This month's front page artist:

The Legend of Zelda: El Rey Comic is property of Comic-Inc. Thanks to them for supporting the magazine with their comic. If you want to see more of them check out their DA site.

The Hidden ScrewAttack Bolt!
On every front page of the SCrewAttack Magazine I put a Hidden ScrewAttack Volt and whoever sents me a PM with an screenshot of where the bolts is, WINS!


So far  the scroe goes:
  • g1 Viper Fox: 1 Out of 3
  • g1 Guitarzann: 1 out of 3
Winners List Hiatus: (If someone finds the 3 bolts, wins something from the ScrewAttack Store but can't participate again until 3 magazines have been published).
  • g1 Sirmidor - 2 Issues Left
On Page 30 is an article about Mike Dodd "The Birdman" who I would liek you all to read. During the weekedn of October 15th he will be making a charity drive for  The Sick Kids Fundation. If you would like to make a donation during  the days before the charity that would be awesome! You can donate now here:

you can watch the Livestream here:

Please help in this noble cause, Success to Birdman on his mission of saving lives... by playing games! :D

This Magazine wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the support of the whole ScrewAttack Staff and obviously the g1 community, with the ups and downs this has been one hell of a ride. Will it end? Well someday... but until that day, we better enjoy the attractions.Keep rocking g1 community... and remember...

"My name is g1... for we are many..."