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-The Creed- Episode 6: Strife (Assassin's Creed Fan Film)

Besides the episode 6 of -The Creed- read down below the summary of the episodes and behind the scenes.
I need to do a "Making Of" of the series and i need your help, if you guys ask a few questions down in the comment section for the video it would really help me. Thanks for your support!
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Episode 6: Strife
Directed, Produced, Edited, Scripted and Written by Gerardo Mejia (Hybrid Rain).
"-The Creed-" a fan base series inspired by the acclaim video game Assassin's Creed.
All material used in the production of this non-profit fan film is property of the right owners.
Assassin's Creed is Property of Ubisoft.
VFX Video Copilot's Accion Essentials 2
Blood Smoke by Corridor Digital
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  • Episode 01: Alliance
  • Episode 02: Seeker
  • Episode 03: Silence
  • Episode 04: Avenger
  • Episode 05: Shatter
  • Episode 06: Strife [Current Episode]
This episode was recorded with:
*Flip Ultra HD
With the voices and music talent of:
Matt "Matty Jay" Jodouin
Tanya Lisle "Shea"
Mike "The Birdman" Dodd -
BD MacDonald
g1 Nirreman - Twitter YouTube
The series is getting to its end and I think a recap of what has happened till now is the best way to show everyone what has happened during the following months of production of the series.
First of all if you don’t know what I’m talking about let me answer you with this:
  • What is -The Creed-?
-The Creed- is a fan made miniseries based in the Assassin’s Creed Games. This series takes place before the events of the first game in the modern days more specifically during 2011, if you recall or haven’t played the game The Templar Order have been busy hunting down the few Assassins left alive for almost a year (2012 is the current time/period of the game, before the events in Desmond Miles time line). In my series I show how the modern Assassin’s Brotherhood downfall happens during that year, more specifically in Colombia since here is where I live and besides the Brotherhood is worldwide spread and I liked to actually show part of it. The important thing is that we know almost anything about the modern Brotherhood that is perfect to actually play with this and create a concept of the assassins in this modern period.
I consider the modern Assassin’s Brotherhood like the Dinosaurs. Yes, we can actually try to replicate how it look like by the fossils discovered, but we will never know how exactly they really look, so fantasy and imagination is what is left to represent my concept of the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.
  • Why the F*ck has taken you so much to do this series!!!???
This series was actually premiered here on ScrewAttack on February, 2010 but before that the whole concept was actually a 3 minute video I did for a contest ScrewAttack was holding during November (I think) about Assassin’s Creed. I decided to make a mini film about an assassin taking his first kill. This actually became episode 0.
After this video was done I got so many comments and demands for making this a full show and during that time I was actually finishing my semester and I had a new camera, I really was thinking on doing something cool for the following months, but my decision was made when I saw that I was the winner of the Assassin’s Creed contest.
It was on! I decided to Direct, Produced, Script and Write this series. It took me the following 6 months to actually do all the pre-production of the first 2 episodes; it took me more time to actually find the people to help me than editing the whole thing.
During that month I was actually looking up for graduation projects and I found out that this could be my graduation project, so until I actually finish more episodes and pass my university permission to make this my graduation project I couldn’t share this with you… until now…
So now that we are in this lets make the recap of the episodes that has been release during this months:
  • Episode 1: Alliance
Original Premiered: February 3rd, 2010 on
Story: Assassins assault one of the Templar’s hideout, information has it that the Templar’s have information an Ancient Artifact that it has connections to the assassins. The mission is to retrieve the information and kill the Templar.
This is the first episode of the series were I do introduction to the modern assassins of the Brotherhood. The main goal of this was to make a “Silent” movie, no speech what so ever, only showing the story by what was happening, music and sound effects were the key for this.
  • Episode 2: Seeker
Original Premiered: Jun 4th, 2010 on
Story: Enter Nizari, our main character on this series; he is a young new recruited assassin whose first mission was to support the escape of Big Brother, one of the bets assassins from the country. Nizari will be brief and explain what the brotherhood is and what he will have to retrieve the artifact the Templars are interested on acquiring. When Nizai steals the artifact and safely stays in an Bureau, he receives a call that a baby from a Assassin family is missing.
This episode is the underdog of the series, unfortunately wasn’t well received, I think everyone was expecting an action scene or something but since I wanted to explain what was done during episode 1 and actually tried to work on my storytelling and voice acting from my friends. This episode is the opening to the series.
  • Episode 3: Silence
Story: Nizari prepares himself to hunt down the Templars that kidnapped the baby, who is a direct bloodline to the assassins that founded the creed. But during the persecution on of the Templars is ordered to kill the baby. The Templars escapes and Nizari is left with a dead innocent baby.
Now this is the heavy one, although episode 1 has a great intro for the series, I decided to do another one on episode 3 which would connect the series more to the Assassin’s Creed Franchise. Combining new techniques and camera I was able to start working much better with the upcoming episodes.
  • Episode 4: Avenger
Story: Nizari discovers information behind the death of the baby. The archeologist from episode 1 has the right connections to find them. Stealing his computer Nizari decides to go and kill the Templars by his hands. After his mission, Nizari recovers a disk from the Templars which contains intel and secret info about the brotherhood and an upcoming plot to eliminate the Brotherhood.
This is a turning point for the series this is where everything goes down for the characters, if I had a lot of people and actors believe me I would have done something more massive but I have to work with what I could get. I wanted to go more one-assassin army on this one and go more with a heavy music theme and more despair since it was more like a revenge/punishment for killing the baby. Now about the info, this is the link to start evacuating the Brotherhood since the Templars are starting to eliminate them in their own homes and bureaus.
  • Episode 5: Shatter
Story: Nizari has contacted the Council of the Assassins and brief them with the information gain from the Templars, secrets, locations and names are in the disk and is crucial to obtain this information. A rescue operation starts and the fate of Nizari will be seal by the end of the day.
This episode was shown at SGC 2010, showed the escape from the city before the madness begins and so I can be clear for everyone… YES! THAT’S A REEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAL Helicopter! YES!!! We used a CG Heli too. How did I did it? The world will never know… actually contacts… and… awesomeness… yeah…
This was recorded before leaving to the USA and editing was done during the trip so for those who saw the episode before, you know is very different from what I showed at the convention.
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