lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

ScrewAttack Magazine Issue 5th Anniversary

ScrewAttack Magazine #05 for 5 years of Awesomeness?!? This is no coincidence people this must be on the Main Rotator like… naoh!!! XD Worst thing about it? I just realize it lol.
So enjoy this 5th anniversary edition… been 3 days with no sleep…  needs to go to the bathroom…
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My gift, your gift, everyones favorite gift, it's time for! HARD NEWS! Wait no...

If you want to download this front page go here and save
The last page when I say "Email Craig" It's a JOKE, do not take it seriously people please, I fail at Joking...

You can download the PDF here:
Deviantart artist featured in this magazine:
Special thanks to Avionetca for drawing this issue's front page, if you want to support her work go to her deviantart website and enjoy her art style!
The Legend of Zelda: El Rey Comic is property of Comic-Inc. Thanks to them for supporting the magazine with their comic. If you want to see more of them check out their DA site:
The Hidden ScrewAttack Bolt!
On every front page I hide a ScrewAttack bolt and who ever sends me a PM with a Screen shot of the bolt wins!
From the last Issue this time lucky winner was: NO ONE FOUND IT! YOU LOSE THE GAME HAHAHAAHAHA!
On this Issue of the magazine: SOMEONE ALREADY FOUND IT!
g1 Sirmidor found it!
YOU WIN!!! CONGLATULATION !!! You have completed a great game.
and prooved the justice of our culture.
now go and rest our heroes !

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What? I have dreams too! lol