viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

ScrewAttack Magazine Issue #03 - November

ScrewAttack Magazine Issue #03 - November

John Stanford - "Sea Of Tranquility" - Ambient Trance

Click here to see the full image and be able to look fr the Screwattack Bolt, Hint, is not what you think... XD
Download the PDF here:

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Thanks for the support of soome DA artists who are in this magazine! Click on them to see their awesome galleries!

This month's Front page artist:  Check out his account on DA because he made an awesome front page!
His Webcomic:
For more photos about SGC 2010 go to soulcrash's website:
Puzzle page 92 Contest!
Another thing is that there is a puzzle section on page 92, so you can actually download the page and solved, whoever solve it first will be at the next issue's Puzzle Hall of Fame so get your pencils, or photoshops or Paint... whatever and solve the puzzles! Link here:
PM me the Puzzle section solved 100% and the location of the Screwattack Bolt don't give away your answers!
This months Winners Who Solved The Puzzles and Found The ScrewAttack Bolt!
-ScrewAttack Bolt: g1 Guitarzann because he was the only one who actually tried to find the bolt in the last issue even though there was no cover but just because he even tried. CONGRATZ YOU DO NOT LOSE THE GAME!
See ya Next Issue!

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