domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

ScrewAttack Magazine Issue #01 - September

This is issue #01 of the unofficial ScrewAttack Magazine for were various blogs from the website community are published.

Designed by: Gerardo Mejia

Published by: Gerardo Mejia

ScrewAttack Magazine Issue # 01 - September

It's here g1's, the awesomeness, the greatness, the mind blowing juggernaut that is the ScrewAttack Magazine. A month worth of work (30 days wow...) done by g1's, for g1's.

Over 90 pages of awesomeness with many articles from your favorite g1's, so you are up for some fantastic reading??? well let's do it!

In this month's issue Interview with BirdmanTWIG, Reviews on Starcraft II and Metroid Other M, ScrewAttack News, Calendar with September's Games Release Dates!, Cartoons and much more, so stick around and read the one an only ScrewAttack Magazine!

If you want to DOWNLOAD the PDF of this magazine click here:

Thanks for the support some Deviant Art artist who supported this magazine, click on them to see their awesome art work:

if you want to see more SGC 2010 madness definitely see g1 SoulCrash's photo album, is awesome!

Special Thanks to g1 DestructorV2 who made the cover for the magazine he also uploded some videos about the magazine's cover so look at theme here:

Video progress or Raw Cover

Puzzle page 80 Contest!

Another thing is that there is a puzzle section on page 80, so you can actually download the page and solved, whoever solve it first will be at the next issue's Puzzle Hall of Fame so get your pencils, or photoshops or Paint... whatever and solve the puzzles! Link here:

See ya Next Issue!

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